About Us

Our Mission

PROVIDE MODERN, INNOVATIVE, SECURE, AND SUSTAINABLE IT SOLUTIONS TO CLIENTS WORLDWIDE. We work hard in defining the technology that is best fit for our clients’ needs based on factors like current technology, platform, business or service objectives, budget, and expertise with the aim of providing excellent service, reducing risk, and overall cost for our clients.

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Our Vision


Softlogue provides Information Technology (IT) services to small, medium, and large companies, organizations, and institutions. We also provide IT services to government departments and agencies.

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Softlogue develops a delivery model aims at helping organizations with secure, high quality, and high performance IT solutions at the lowest possible cost. The Softlogue IT delivery model is designed to help organizations with existing or new IT systems.


Softlogue also offers web hosting, as well as computer software and hardware supply, configuration, installation and software application security and testing services.

We use a comprehensive application security assessments methodology to secure your critical assets. Our application security assessments is tailored to fit your needs and budgets.

softlogue hosting service comprises all it takes to put your personal or business website online. Unlike many IT companies that build you a hosted solution such as a web site or web application and either outsource the hosting or completely leave it up to you to sift through many confusing hosted options you can take advantage of the softlogue hosting service. softlogue´s low cost, easy, secure, reliable, and high availability web hosting services is another staple of the softlogue delivery solution.

When you decide to use our web hosting service, we would create you a professional-looking website or a business process driven web application and host it in our solid and secure network infrastructure all in one package. If you have already have hosting solution lined up with another company and you are just looking for a company that would improved your website, develop a new website or provide an improved hosting experience softlogue can help you meet your goal.


Our Commitment to Quality, Integrity, and Excellence

Softlogue has an established policy to provide the highest quality of service with integrity and excellent. Our objectives is to provide superior IT service delivery for every project lifecycle.
Each employee is aware of, committed to, and actively involved in the delivery of the highest quality of service to our clients.
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Softlogue meets or exceeds client’s expectations by offering

  • Services in accordance with approved standard and specifications.
  • Our team of experts bring exceptional understanding of IT services delivery guided by unwavering integrity.
  • We adhere to the best industry practices to help our clients to successfully design, develop and implement IT solutions quickly and efficiently at the lowest possible cost.
  • Undivided personal attention to clients’ requirements.