Website’s Plans and Pricing

Free Website
After a month $0.16 per day
FREE Responsive Design ( Mobile Site), it includes Hosting, Free Domain, Email Accounts, Website Security, and Backup..
Unlimited Bandwidth, Updates, and Storage.
Only domains that are $14.99 or less are offer for Free.
After One Month if You Like Your Free Website, you will pay $4.99 per month to keep your freely designed website.
After One Month if you do not like your website - you can cancel the free website and pay nothing.
Free Hosting
After a month $0.13 per day
If you have an existing website, we would help you move the site to our hosting server and host it for free.
After six months you will pay a low price of $3.99 per month
After six months if you do not like our hosting service - you can cancel the free hosting and pay nothing.
Free Mobile App
After a month $0.63 per day
We would design and develop a mobile app for your existing or new e-commerce web site and publish it in Google Play and Apple Stores for $19.99 per month.